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Annual Fall Haul


9:00 A.M.—3:00 P.M.


Keizer residents can bring their leaves to a neighborhood collection site



Materials Accepted:           Materials NOT Accepted:

LEAVES                         NO brush, branches or limbs

                                                     NO household garbage or trash

                                                     NO tires

                                                     NO scrap metal

                                                     NO motor oil

                                                     NO rocks, bricks, dirt, sod, or other non-combustibles


NO COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPERS - Residentail customers only please!



Fall is here! With the change of season comes all those leaves and what to do with them. First,  consider composting them. Second, put them in your green yard debris can and leave on your curbside.  Third, bring them to our leaf haul located at the south end parking lot of the Keizer baseball fields on Ridge Drive—please enter at the north gate and exit at the south gate.  Please return the favor and help with a cash donation or bring a canned food donation.

 **Please do not rake or blow leaves out in the streets because heavy rains and leaf clogged catch basins can cause localized flooding. Also the street sweeper will not be able to sweep in your area if leaves are in the way **

 For more information about the Fall Clean-up or assistance to Seniors, please call City of Keizer

(503) 856-3561.

This program brought to you by : City of Keizer, Loren’s Sanitation and Valley Recycling